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7015 Yonge Street, Thornhill,
Markham, Ontario
L3T 2A5

Phone: +1 905-764-6787

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    Even 1 star is too much of a rating. Never use this Car Wash. Last February, a month ago, I got in an incident in the Car Wash. One of the sharp plates on the left corner of the first shower arch fell and it hit my vehicle hood and damaged it. Obviously, it was due to the unscrewed bolts holding the structure. Apparently this was not the kind of normal micro scratches caused by soft cloth or by any water or air shooting. Also it could have been worse if I entered my vehicle only 1 second earlier, the plate would have penetrated through my wind shield glass. It was a safety issue as well. I claimed to the attendant and one of the managers right away. The manager whose name is May apologized. She is kind though. Afterwards, she called her boss and let me go get an estimation for repair. I ran down to a body shop and got a $660 quote and gave the Car Wash the quote. After a lengthy discussion, they told me that the boss can only give $400. And if they said I would need more than $400, I would need to call ESSO. Seems frustrating? That's not it. I called Esso and talked with several agents. My case has been escalated and it's been a month since the incident. After waiting for a month, eventually today, March 27, I was able to see the station owner. But he said he couldn't compensate more than $400. He even complained that because I called Esso so many times, he got so many phone calls from the Esso Office and he complained that he was getting annoyed. He even had the guts to tell me he had a headache. He even admitted that it is his responsibility, yet he still offered only $400 and he said this is his "good-will gesture" money. He said if I don't want to take the offer, I should call Esso and go escalate further and do whatever I want to do. OMG. What an attitude it is. Definitely it was not the attitude of a person who is responsible for the damage. At this point, my patience that prolonged for over a month was over. Esso said this location is a privately owned station therefore, the station owner is responsible for the case. They don't seem to maintain the machine properly. They don't want to take any responsibility even if they accept their fault. Their attitude dealing with the victim and the situation is the worst. If you are ready to fight for over a month, or you are a very abnormally patient person, or you want to end up with hearing a very irresponsible answer from the location owner, you are good to use this Car Wash. I am not kidding, folks. Look at all the 1 star reviews. Despite of the many complaints, they don't care. They just take advantage of the location. A very nice manager from Esso customer resolution dept, Marcia, is trying to solve this case. But my bad experience on this location is not finished yet.
    by Stephen Oh
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